The Monmouth Museum's "window display" recreated after the Dec. 2001 exhibit had ended

    Due to the problems of photographing through the 'store window' of the Monmouth Museum, especially with a rippling protective plastic screen behind the glass, Mrs. Chick, the weaver who asked ARTCRAFT Music Rolls to participate in her educative display, set up some of the elements, for a second time, when the items had returned to their Weave Works business.

    (At this writing, their Home Page features Gideon-the-dog under the bench of a modern piano, though this layout might change, with the seasons.)

    If you compare the fuzzy-wuzzy pictures of the museum's display, with this one, you'll see that J. Lawrence Cook pushed Mary Allison (of Vocalstyle Rolls) aside, but ... that's nothing new, since many contemporary collectors won't accept the fact that she arranged the "played by 'Jelly Roll' Morton" releases, for that Ohio company. Cook's droning, formula perforating patterns are obvious: 10ths in the bass in "tied-triplet" rhythm (for FAKE jazz) and the organlike melody line in the treble, which gives that "home show organist" sound to the musical performance. However, you can also see some print-outs from the ARTCRAFT Web sites, showing an upright Ampico piano, along with roll perforating activities, all set against a hand-crafted rug, in the background.

Lynne Chick recreated the museum display, after the exhibit closed

    We wish to thank Lynne and John Chick for asking us to participate in this educational display.

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