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"Interpretive Arrangements" for a VIRTUOSO performance on all Player-Pianos and 'Reproducing' Pianos

The acclaimed ARTCRAFT Music Rolls make obsolete the commercial rolls of the past, for they do not have the homogeneous striking and excessive sustaining pedal effects, which mar so many player roll arrangements.

Table of Contents

Information about Player-Piano Rolls
A Thumbnail History of Commercial Rolls and ARTCRAFT Interpretive Arrangements
Illustrated Text! See the ARTCRAFT Perforators and learn about music roll development.
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Here's a quick and simple explanation!
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'THE PIANOLA NEWS' - Current edition and links to prior Issues
Don't miss this important text about the old piano industry using pianists' names (real ones or pseudonyms)
for the marketing of Music Rolls! Read Dead Heads on Parade!
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ARTCRAFT Recordings — Stereo Cassettes of Player-Pianos
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ARTCRAFT Music Roll Menu
ARTCRAFT Music Rolls - 88-Note and 'Reproducing'
This is where the comprehensive List of 88-Note (standard player) and Duo-Art (expression) 'reproducing' rolls are listed.
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Visit our new Ampico (expresssion) roll department ... and more titles will be released soon.
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by Robin Pratt, Sandusky Ohio
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Photographic Web Pages

See an ARTCRAFT Master Roll being created!
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See an ARTCRAFT Music Roll being perforated outdoors ... on the Maine Coast!
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See pictures of the 1929 'Reprotone' player, used for a series of 10 Pianola Concerts at Searsport Shores, Maine. (The pictures were taken on location.)
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Did you ever see a "road sign" advertising a PIANOLA CONCERT? There's one in Maine!
Take a look!
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George Antheil's experimental 1924 "Pianola + Movie Film" composition was finally realized in 1991, by L. Douglas Henderson, who reconstructed the original rolls for a Swedish TV-Radio broadcast. Read about these unusual rolls and some recent concerts which substituted electronic instruments. See pictures of the 1925 original French 'Pleyela' rolls in contrast with the 1991 ARTCRAFT Interpretive Arrangements.
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ARTCRAFT Rolls are featured at The Lucerne Piano Festival!
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See the ARTCRAFT "Travelling Pianola" — The 1929 Story & Clark "REPROTONE" player!
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 Don't miss this "Autumn in Maine" Web page! You'll see 18 images, most with the fantastic Fall foliage of October 2000. This has nothing to do with Player-piano rolls, but the pictures you'll see were taken on roads which connect The ARTCRAFT Studio (Wiscasset), the roll storage building (Boothbay) and 'ARTCRAFT North' (Searsport) — our "trailer by the Sea" location on Penobscot Bay, Maine.
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See beautiful Cumston Hall in Monmouth, Maine ... and read about a museum exhibit which involved ARTCRAFT Music Rolls,
IBM cards and mechanical looms!
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Articles and E-Mail

The Connecticut Chapter of THE PIANO TECHNICIANS GUILD
hosts an "Artcraft Music Rolls" presentation!
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Read an on-line Interiew with ARTCRAFT Music Rolls
by Interface Monthly — a New England computer magazine (5-11-1998)
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Send an E-Mail message for ARTCRAFT Music Rolls

How to order safely via E-Mail. Check out this page!
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Check out this Illustrated Website on eBay ... old rolls will be auctioned off, soon, to make space for our
"10 year supply" of ARTCRAFT  Interpretive Arrangements
We don't play our boxed up collection of old commercial rolls any more, having surpassed the standards of the past ... and we need the space. We've increased our inventory at the storage building to 'last' until 2017 ... so something's got to go!

ARTCRAFT Music Rolls, PO Box 295, Wiscasset, Maine 04578 USA — Telephone: (207) 882-7420  or (207) 631-1761
L. Douglas Henderson, Prop.

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We highly recommend The Shortwave Store in Ontario, a family-owned business, operated by Keith and Alma Carcasole. Due to their excellent, personalized E-Mail service, even giving us the 'pros-and-cons' of various models, we have purchased several Shortwave receivers from their enterprise. Check out this link and the parent business called Durham Radio, which connects to The Shortwave Store page.

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Our 1830's brick residence was converted "back to wood heat" in 2007: no more horrendous fuel oil bills!
Our old Maine house - shown in the background, here: - became too much for us to handle during Winter, so we returned to wood heat, which is what the many fireplaces were for, originally. We purchased a 'Fireview' soapstone stove from The Woodstock Stove Co. of NH ... and it exceeded our expectations, which is why we are adding it to the list of ARTCRAFT Recommendations. The stove is solid soapstone - not a veneer - and heats 80% of our house on two floors. Both halls are warmer than they ever were with the oil furnace system turned up to maximum. The 'Fireview' fits into the historic décor of our building, used both as a residence and for the ARTCRAFT Studio. If you are considering wood heat, look no farther than this beautifully constructed product. There is no black smoke coming from our chimney, produced by this wonderful soapstone stove; it features a catalytic combustor which makes for highly efficient wood burning. Their Web page for the 'Fireview' is -  During cold weather we've never been so warm, before!

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If you love Dutch street organ music ... the BEST recording we've heard is produced right here in Maine!
The star attraction for us was the presence of the Elbert Pluer 64-key Dutch organ, at the 2007 Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. Linda and Kevin Sheehan not only played their beautifully-voiced organ - running on folding "books" and powered with a 'hand crank/flywheel' system - but they also offered superlative CDs of this instrument, constructed in 2002. The builder came to the States for the final pipe voicing, so their organ is beyond anything you've probably heard at organ rallies or on the streets of Amsterdam. The recording includes NOLA, FEED THE BIRDS from Mary Poppins, SECOND WALTZ by Shostokovich, COPENHAGEN and a host of arrangements that will captivate any listener. The recordings of "Das Eichhörnchen" (The Squirrel) can be ordered directly from the publishers at $15.00 each + $5.00 shipping (in the States) for 1-6 discs. Write:
 Linda & Kevin Sheehan
335 Anderson Road
    Sebago ME 04029 USA

ARTCRAFT Music Rolls, PO Box 295, Wiscasset, Maine 04578 USA — Telephone: (207) 882-7420  or (207) 631-1761
L. Douglas Henderson, Prop.